This Woman Can

Meet the woman behind This Woman Can - Janice Sutherland

March 21, 2019

Janice Sutherland is the Caribbean’s top women’s leadership expert, executive coach and podcast host. Through leadership training and elite-level mentorship, she coaches women around the world to take their rightful seat at the tables where the important decisions are made.

From being a single parent of two with zero qualifications, Janice rose through the ranks securing senior executive roles with prestigious multi-nationals even crossing continents to become the first female CEO for the Caribbean’s leading Communications and Entertainment provider.

Her belief in that nothing is insurmountable once you adopt the right mindset, coupled with her global leadership perspective makes Janice a leadership force to be reckoned with. Janice’s unique background and passionate attitude allows her to inspire women to advance their careers and develop the confidence, presence and influence they need to drive through leadership barriers and confidently navigate the Board room.  

To discuss how your organization can work with Janice, email or visit:


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