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Don’t Be Afraid To Step Out On The Deep End - Teri McClanahan

July 22, 2022

If resiliency were a person it would be called Teri McClanahan. 

From surviving cancer, brain surgery, homelessness and overcoming sexism and ageism in her career Teri McClanahan has had an eventful life.

Currently engaged as the Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations at The Salvation Army, Del Oro Division. It is her role to secure funding from foundations and corporations for the division.

Now at the age when most women would be on their way to retirement Teri has just completed seminary school as she embarks on yet another exciting life chapter.

We discuss;

- Her attitude to aging
- What she has learnt from failure
- Ignoring the signs that pointed to her seminary journey 
- Being unafraid to change paths
- The importance of listening to your mentors 

And more.....

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