This Woman Can

Ep028: Changing focus doesn’t mean you’ve failed

May 13, 2019

Taking some time on my vacation to reflect, refocus and regroup. With the understanding that I'm always a work in progress and realigning yours goals doesn't mean that you've failed - it means that you've been smart enough to acknowledge what's not working and take action to ensure you achieve your goals.

My time of reflection enabled me to decide who I want to work with - women like me!

  • Women who are ambitious and focused on working hard to succeed
  • Women who want their voices to be heard so that they can rightfully get ahead
  • Women who know they have huge potential but need a helping hand to guide them
  • Women who know they’re worth a lot more but need a plan to deliver
  • Women who might have made a misstep in life but knows that doesn’t define who they are
  • Women who want to excel at their career goals and are driven to get there
  • Women who want to confidently command top dollar and earn their worth  

If any of that sounds like you, let’s talk.

There’s still time to join me for the May’s collective of the Confidently Negotiate and Get Paid Your Worth in 8 weeks program.

For more information about the career development and consulting services offered for women who lead including one on one executive coaching and group mentoring visit;

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