This Woman Can

Ep004: Get over a stuck mindset

November 17, 2018

Get over a stuck mindset!

Mindset or the feeling of being stuck is something that every woman deals with on a regular basis, but rarely talk about.

Everybody has to master their mindset on an ongoing basis – the struggle is real people! The thing about the mental struggle is that it's really with ourselves,

It's the mean self talk, and it comes from a place of fear and can stop you dead in your tracks, literally paralyze you.For some women, it keeps them from moving forward with that great idea for a business or taking the next step in their career.

So today, I'm going to share few of my favorite strategies for conquering mindset issues.

Find out in this episode  

  • How being stuck can impede your personal progress
  • My techniques for getting unstuck? 
  • Whether you are a learner or a judger?  

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