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Ep013: Ingrid Riley - Failure is sexy - lean into it and own your brilliance.

January 23, 2019

So excited to bring you this week's interview with Ingrid Riley of Silicon Caribe. Ingrid hails from Jamaica and is a woman of many, many talents!

  • She is a technology blogger and has been blogging about the Caribbean tech and startup scene since 2005. Her site now has readers from 45 countries around the world and is DowJones syndicated.
  • An events producer, having produced and co-produced over 100 Caribbean technology focused events across 10 Caribbean countries and the Diaspora USA and UK for entrepreneurs and executives of all stripes.
  • A speaker/moderator for technology panel and events on topics covering Caribbean tech, digital trends, women in tech, entrepreneurship and innovation and has spoken at events in the Caribbean, USA, Europe and Africa.
  • Digital strategist, where she has helped individuals with their personal brands and businesses to tell better stories on social media and has worked with over 50 Caribbean brands. 
  • A tech startup ecosystem pioneer and has been credited with and won multiple awards for kick starting the tech startup scene and community in Jamaica and doing pioneering work in the Caribbean plus working with startup community groups, governments, Dev agencies and NGOs.

So all round badass!

Listen as we discuss;

  • Learning how to enjoy the journey - trusting it will happen at the right
  • Finding patience even in the fast digital world
  • How she views failure as sexy by adopting a mindset of accepting that failure is not the end. 
  • The definition of "Oprahness"


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