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Ep017: Janine Lie A Kwie - Keep the faith, keep going and it will happen.

February 21, 2019

Born in the Netherlands of Surinamese parents. Janine Lie A Kwie spent much of her youth in Suriname,  returning to the Netherlands after a military coup.  

For over 25 years, she worked in the corporate world before acquiring the franchise rights of ActionCOACH for the Greater Caribbean region in 2009. Working with her Business Partner and husband Arnout Druyvesteyn, the team have expanded the franchise across the Caribbean.

Listen as she shares;

  • How she utilized her work experience to pivot into an entrepreneurial career
  • The inspiration she derives from looking at other female leaders
  • The power of affirmations for helping her face difficult situations.
  • How she instills entrepreneurship in her children

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