This Woman Can

Ep026: How to be in control of your financial wellness.

April 24, 2019

In my book This Woman Can – I tackle a number of questions that women often need answers to, on subjects they sometimes don’t want to discuss. But the most thorniest subjects are often money related, all of which play a huge part in our financial wellbeing – a state which we’re often aware of not having but not always how to improve. If I’m honest I underestimated the influence of financial wellbeing and the level of focus we need to apply, but it makes sense when you really look at its impact.  

My discussion with T’mira Looby of the Directorate of Gender Affairs in Antigua, looks at the work the Directorate are doing to highlight this field and how finances can actually be utilized as form of abuse within a relationship, plus practical tips we can all use to ensure we have control of our financial wellness.        

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