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Ep033: Annette P Salmon - Have clarity in your vision to deliver your dreams

June 20, 2019

This week I head over to the home of reggae and the land of wood and water - Jamaica with Annette P. Salmon CEO and Principal Consultant of 20 Twenty Strategies Consulting. She transitioned from the corporate world to entrepreneurship to work with hundreds of micro and small business owners scattered across Jamaica from ideation to launch. 

She has been in the field for marketing for the past 27 years and is the creator of events that promotes and showcases micro and small businesses such as: Made in Manchester Expo, Small Shops BIG Business Forum, The Small Business Marketing Event and brandSTORIES.

We talk about how she creates her vision to make a difference to the forgotten backbone of industry - SMEs and the satisfaction she derives from helping other small business owners deliver on their vision.

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