This Woman Can

Ep062: How to gain the respect you deserve as a younger leader.

February 20, 2020

I get it you worked really hard to attain your leadership position, but you're not being respected as a leader. The look of leadership, especially in the corporate world, is still based on the assumption of a certain age (e.g., 35+ years old), which in some cases can lead to differences in communication styles, priorities, and work ethic—especially between younger and older generations. 

So how can you command the respect you deserve as not just a younger leader but a female one too? 

Nobody should feel like they need to figure everything out on their own. You deserve a group of people you can trust, who understand what you’re going through, and who genuinely want to help you succeed. Apart from this team in your corner,  This Woman Can has tools specifically geared to women looking to elevate their careers. Ask your questions, receive free career advice and connect with growth minded women just like you -



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