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Ep066: Carol Sankar - What’s your Plan B?

March 19, 2020

With all the current uncertainty there are times we need to hear something uplifting and during the editing of my interview with Carol Sankar I realized her energy was exactly what I needed to hear. So many points resonated as we spoke about rebounding from adversity, working on your Plan B and taking time to celebrate even your smallest achievements.

More about Carol Sankar - Carol is a high level consultant and the founder of The Confidence Factor for Women in Leadership. She has been featured at TEDx, The Steve Harvey Show, TODAY Show, Columbia Business School, The United Way and more. In addition,her work has been covered by Inc. Magazine, Glamour, O Magazine, Forbes, Harvard, Entrepreneur Magazine — to name a few. Carol is also a contributor for Inc., & Entrepreneur Magazine. Carol can be found on all major social media platforms.  

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