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Ep075: Charlene Pedro - We need to start doing what’s good for us!

May 29, 2020

Charlene Pedro is a sought after corporate and personal development trainer. She is the founder, CEO and principal consultant of Conventus Consultinc, a human resource management company based in Trinidad and Tobago that helps their clients solve their people problems by designing customised programmes that upgrades their leadership skills, employee development and performance management systems.

She is the founder of Conversations Over Coffee with Charlene Pedro, a successful breakfast training programme that seeks to inform, engage and inspire CEOs, managers and professionals to make a positive impact in their workspace. She is also the co-founder of H2H Leadership Forum, where she created a space for learning and sharing of leadership experiences and academic discourse.

Charlene believes everyone has been bestowed with a unique gift. Our challenge in life is to find our gift, unwrap that gift and share it with the world. She offers personal development training and coaching where she helps individuals build their confidence, identify their gifts, and go after the things that set their souls on fire.

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