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Escaping Your Career Comfort Zone

July 15, 2022

I speak with mid-career Black female professionals every day about what they want, and what they don't want, and most are doing something they no longer want to do, but they're doing it anyway.


They're trapped in their comfort zone.

This is when the comfort of the situation outweighs your desire to go after what you really want, even though you're not satisfied with your current career or job.

It can go on for years and years and no matter what's presented to you, or how uninspiring your current situation is, you can always find a reason why you can't change.

So, how do you know if you're locked in your career comfort zone and more importantly how do you get out?

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Janice Sutherland helps frustrated, #midcareer, professional women of color re-align their careers while staying true to their values and personal and professional priorities. 

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