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Priortizing Your Mental Wellbeing For A Marvelous Midlife

June 10, 2022

It's another installment of Black, Female and Over 50 - The Power Trifecta where Gillian Wells, MSW and I discuss Prioritizing Your Mental Wellbeing for a Marvellous Midlife,:

Quite often the importance of mental health for Black women of the Generation Jones and Generation X age is overlooked - they've been raised to be strong and stoic.

Women of these generations have been so busy taking care of everyone else — their careers, their partners, their elderly parents and their children — that they don’t take care of themselves. 

Now they've had the chance to rethink their options, question whether there can be more to life. 

They have options their mothers before them never had 

A chance to do things their own way and of which can unknowingly impact their mental wellbeing.  

Join Gillian Wells, MSW and I, as we discuss;

- The power of Oprah and Gale time.
- The "privilege" Black women are now afforded (even though we may not recognize it)
- How a constant life of "busyness" has led to Black women not dealing with their lived trauma experiences and how that can impact their careers.
- Practical strategies to promote healthy mental wellbeing so you can live a marvelous midlife. 

The next LinkedIn live is scheduled 12th June 2022 where I'll be hosting award-winning executive career coach Daisy Wright and Recruitment Director Brucine Francis - on the topic of  Staying Recruitable In Your 50s 

It'll be a great and engaging conversation so make sure you connect with me on LinkedIn to join us, submit your questions and have your voices heard.

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