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Pushing Past Your Push - Robin Tillotson

June 17, 2022

Robin Tillotson has a wealth of experience in the arenas of advertising, public relations, human resources, training and gerontology.  

An avid traveler and purveyor of culture, Robin has travelled to China, Northern Africa, France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Canada and throughout the United States. 

She turned her passion for travel into a business - This I Do For Me - an organization focused on exposing Women over 50 to international travel enabling their personal development and growth. 

For which she has received a number of awards and accolades, along with having her business featured in The Chicago Tribune and Travel Noire  

We discuss;

- How others can often see the skills you possess that you can't

- How today's women over 50 don't fit the image portrayed in the media 

- Why you need to open to explore new career vistas

- Why "pushing past you push" is imperative for overcoming your fears. 





My interview on Robin's podcast:

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