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Your Title Doesn’t Define Your Worth

July 29, 2022

A successful career and the importance in our lives, often go hand in hand. 

And it's not difficult to see why, we work hard to get the job society views as prestigious or our loved ones would be proud to identify with.

The challenge arises when we can't envisage a life without the job/title/position etc. 
Join The This Woman Community - An online community membership for Black women fully embracing the next chapter, with the intent of creating a fresh approach to our 40s, 50s and beyond. 

Providing  a safe space for Black women to discuss the career issues and challenges unique to us, helping them to re-align their careers while staying true to their personal values and professional priorities.
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Janice Sutherland helps frustrated, #midcareer, professional women of color re-align their careers while staying true to their values and personal and professional priorities. 

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